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Matteo Mancuso (born 22 November 1996) is an Italian jazz and rock guitarist from Palermo, Sicily. Mancuso does not use a guitar pick and he uses a unique finger-style right hand technique.[1]

Early life

Mancuso was born in 1996 in Palermo. He started playing guitar with his father Vincenzo at the age of 10. He went on to study classical guitar in the high school in Palermo.


Mancuso has developed a unique finger style technique: at times he uses his picking hand like Wes Montgomery and he switches to using a rest stroke with his index finger and middle finger to pick the strings like a classical guitar player.[2] It is a unique finger-style right hand technique.[7] Mancuso is followed by a large international audience on the internet.[2] He has been called a virtuoso on the guitar.[8]

“There’s this Italian kid on the internet—Matteo Mancuso. He’s 20 or something. He plays an SG and he does this almost flamenco-style thing. I mean, he’s a virtuoso beyond virtuosos.


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