Diego Budicin

Turin, Italy

Born in Turin – Italy, the 26th of August 1990. Diego started his guitar study at the age of eight, learning quickly the technical aspects of the instrument and showing a natural gift with his touch, expression and execution. At age of 11, he studied the modern electric guitar in a little school of music in Turin, Italy. At age of 13 Diego met the great guitarist Massimo Arminchiardi (formerly named Labirynth), who introduced Diego to a professional level of music study encompassing advanced aspects of modern guitar music. Within the next two years Diego used a configuration of hardware and software for recording his music for release to the public via MySpace, etc. At age of 15, Diego began studying with Tony De Gruttola, who is a master level teacher of both Centro Professione Musica and Accademia Lizard Piedmont Section. Diego learned improvisation and rhythmic techniques, across blues, rock, metal and funk genres. Diego is now attending the Universit di Torino D.A.M.S. http://dams.campusnet.unito.it/cgi-bin/home.pl and the Accademia Lizard: http://www.lizardaccademie.net/old/index.htm where he is preparing the 4th level with a deep focus on music composition.

2006 January Diego, at age of fifteen, was selected as the best electric guitarist during a TV shown on Rai 1 (Domenica In, Ieri, Oggi Domani – Sunday 29th 7:00pm) from a jury composed by Enrico Ciacci, Alberto Radius (guitarist of the Formula 3 group one of the first prog-rock groups in Italy) and Dody Battaglia (guitarist of The Pooh).
2006 May Diego was invited to play his electric guitar again on Rai 1 television twice in May 2006 with other eleven guys, composing the Orchestra di Domani. Diego was playing some movie soundtracks and The Godfather theme solo.
2007 Diego was invited to play in a jazz club in Turin. He performed some instrumental covers by Satriani, Vai and Moore.
2008 Diego composed his first song, Thinking of Chopin inspired by Nocturnes op. IX pt.1 by Frederick Chopin. The song published on Garageband and Ourstage websites and received many awards from the community.
2009 Diego was invited to play at Guitarshow 2009 in Milan, representing Accademia Lizard: he played Fives by Guthrie Govan.
2010 Diego won the 1 concorso nazionale per chitarra elettrica ed acustica in Parma; his Thinking of Chopin will be included (late 2010) in a double CD produced by TopRecords and distributed by Edel. Diego was invited again to represent Accademia Lizard school of music in many towns and cities of Northern Italy, Torino, Avigliana, Alessandria, Novara, to promote the school together with the Accademia Lizard teachers. Diego was pre-selected by the movie director (http://www.myspace.com/sixstringsfilm) for his documentary project about six guitar stories. Diego is in the short-list (18 preselected guitarists worldwide). Diego was invited by founder of nurturemusic.biz, to perform a music tour in US in 2010.

Style: Rock

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