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UpDates for GuitarClub - 6000 Guitar Links & More

Here are some updates on Guitarclub - GuitarClub has now over 6000 guitar links and were growing . In the Favourite guitar players link , we reached over 2200 guitar players ( there's some amazing guitar players and some incredible web sites ) alot of these sites have great music and lessons .

Swap Shop is ready to go sell your guitar items here it's free you can even add pictures 

Also check out great guitar links . I'm gathering some great guitar websites lots of great tab live video , lessons and more and now were adding bands .   

Worldwide Guitar Directory this link is loaded with info anything relating to guitars it's like a guitar all in one directory book it's easy and fun . So if your looking for an instrument , service , product ,  check out the Worldwide Guitar Directory Link .

On the lessons link I'll be adding new lessons soon so stay tuned and If you like to share some of your ideas on the guitar or share some of your experiences on playing the guitar you can post a lesson and  I'll be adding new updates soon so stay tuned .