The Heavy Electrics
  • The Heavy Electrics

  • San Francisco, USA
  • Blues


Legends are passed down through generations and somewhere along the line there will be that guy that descides to add something to it, or take something away from it. The guy after that will change the legend even more, so will the guy after that and so on. It eventually gets to the point where the tale becomes so mangled it shares no resemblance to the original story. The meaning is gone, the heart is gone, the soul is gone. Heavy Electric Blues is an old art, practiced many many years ago... but unfortunently it had the same problem as those old folklores, over the years the true meaning of the blues has been lost in a centerfuge of unbearable sounds and melodies... There are few men left that still tell the legends the same as the ones who first told them, and there sure as hell are still a few men that play the blues with the same heart and soul as the ones who first played it and Scott, Chris, Angus and Owen are some of them... These young men from Elmira, Ontario form a band known as The Heavy Electrics and although their legend has yet to be told, no man could dare be foolish enough to try and change it.




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